Unpacking Shared Delivery of Arts Education


When some brave soul writes an updated history of arts education in the United States (any takers?) I think he or she will describe the early-to-mid-2000s as an ambitious era. The arts education sector, mirroring the broader arts field and the constantly reforming field of education, is having larger and broader conversations about impact, outcomesRead More

An inside look at Colombia’s “Sistema”

(I’m pleased to present this extensive essay on Batuta, the Colombian version of the famed El Sistema youth orchestra initiative, by guest authors Eric Booth and Tricia Tunstall. Booth is well-known to many Createquity readers, I’m sure, through his frequent appearances at conferences and active participation in the arts learning community. An actor, educator, businessman,Read More

Around the horn: pre-inauguration edition!

With Obama set to assume the highest office in the land Tuesday, the arts blogosphere has been swirling with ideas, petitions, and requests for input on how the arts should be incorporated into the new administration’s agenda. Now, finally, we can add to that some news: Americans for the Arts has seemingly met with someRead More