Core Research Process Update: June 2015

Since our last update, we’ve made additional progress investigating the connection between arts participation and economic disadvantage. We’ve reviewed two new sources and also done “deeper dives” on one of the publications that were a part of our original investigation. This brings our total bibliography on the topic to 35 sources thus far. Here are the updates:Read More

Capsule Review: A Closer Look at Arts Engagement in California

Title: A Closer Look at Arts Engagement in California Author(s): Jennifer Novak Leonard, Jaclyn Wong, Ned English Publisher: James Irvine Foundation Year: 2015 URL: Topics: arts participation Methods: Analysis of California respondents to the 2012 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts What it says: “A Closer Look at Arts Engagement in California” wasRead More

Capsule Review: Attendance and Participation in the Performing Arts

Title: Attendance and Public Participation in the Performing Arts: A Review of the Empirical Literature Author(s): Bruce A. Seaman Publisher: Georgia State University Year: 2005 URL: Topics: economics, econometrics, arts participation, lit review Methods: literature review What it says: This is a critical review of cultural economics research literature, starting with Baumol and Bowen’sRead More

Last chance to see us in Chicago!

Our trip to Chicago is right around the corner! It’s a rare thing for our globally-dispersed team to be together in one physical place at the same time, so if you’ll be in or around the Windy City on Sunday, June 14, we hope you will join us for one or both of these greatRead More