Capsule Review: Making Nonprofits Civically Engaged


Title: Characteristics of Civically Engaged Nonprofit Arts Organizations: The Results of a National Survey Author(s): Mirae Kim Publisher: Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly Year: 2016 URL: Topics: Non-profit management, arts organizations, civic engagement, arts management Methods: Survey, Structured interviews, correlation analysis What it says: The study uses data from a U.S. survey, structured interviewsRead More

Notes to “Everything We Know About Whether and How the Arts Improves Lives”

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The following notes accompany our feature article Everything We Know About Whether and How the Arts Improves Lives, published on December 19, 2016: Methodology for Rating Evidence We use the following definitions for placement on the graph and for describing benefits in the document. Does the evidence indicate that the benefit exists? Yes: the majorityRead More