(Yup, we’re hiring again, this time for the summer!)

Research Fellows, Fractured Atlas

Fractured Atlas is seeking Summer 2012 research fellows to play key roles in mission‐critical research initiatives. We’re seeking individuals with a background or interest in the arts who are prepared to bring hard‐nosed quantitative analysis skills to creative and strategic challenges in our field. If you get your kicks from creating awesome‐looking spreadsheets that actually work, are a social scientist ninja‐in‐training, or fancy yourself the next Alan Brown (or Nate Silver) in ten years, you might be just the kind of nerd we’re looking for.

Deadline: April 20, 2012. (Note: Fractured Atlas has a summer marketing fellowship available as well.)

Executive Director, Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy

Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP) develops extraordinary new leaders to enhance organized philanthropy and its impact on communities. EPIP was founded in 2001 by a small group of young foundation professionals and individual donors who sought to work and learn with peers in order to transform philanthropy and confront generational issues, using a social justice lens.

The Executive Director will lead the fulfillment of EPIP’s vision and mission in a truly creative, dynamic, and forward-thinking fashion. The Executive Director is the leader of the organization both publicly and inside the organization, and, as such, is at once a highly visible advocate for emerging professionals within the social sector and an effective project manager who ensures that the work of EPIP is done efficiently and well.

Deadline: April 5, 2012.

Director of Evaluation and Knowledge, REDF

REDF’s Director of Evaluation and Knowledge leads the strategy and implementation of REDF’s evaluation and knowledge initiatives. The seasoned professional REDF seeks will have opportunities to launch new knowledge and performance management practices at REDF, influencing the work of social entrepreneurs and venture philanthropists across the U.S. and beyond. The Director of Evaluation and Knowledge ensures the quality, relevance, and coordination of REDF’s ground-breaking measurement practices, and serves as a REDF evaluation and knowledge “champion” both internally and externally.

No deadline provided. REDF (Roberts Enterprise Development Fund) is a thought pioneer in performance measurement frameworks for the social sector, particularly SROI (Social Return on Investment).

National Director, YouthTruth, Center for Effective Philanthropy

The Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) is a nonprofit organization focused on the development of comparative data to enable higher-performing funders. YouthTruth, a CEP initiative, is a national survey project that gathers comparative feedback from the ultimate beneficiaries of education reform efforts — students — about what is and isn’t working in their schools. YouthTruth then shares students’ feedback with school leaders, district/network leaders, education funders, and students themselves to enable more informed decisions in pursuit of better long-term outcomes for youth. CEP is seeking a highly motivated, strategic, and entrepreneurial National Director to lead YouthTruth through its next phase of growth. The Director will be responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of the project and ensuring that YouthTruth achieves the goals outlined in its sustainability plan – particularly its revenue and efficiency improvement goals over the next four years. Key responsibilities of this role include: marketing YouthTruth and representing the project publicly, overseeing district and state recruitment efforts nationally, leading efforts to innovate the way YouthTruth does its work, and guiding the overall implementation of the project. Reporting to the President of CEP, the Director will be a member of CEP’s senior leadership team, lead a bicoastal (San Francisco and Boston) team of six high performing staff, and collaborate closely with staff in other departments, including Research and Assessment Tools.

No deadline provided. Cool opportunity with a cool org to use data for the greater good.