Now that you’ve all helped us reach our Indiegogo campaign goal (thanks again!), it’s time to start putting that money to good work. We just returned from our staff retreat (more updates coming soon for those on the “Early Warning” list), and now we’re beginning the search for someone to help us redesign

It’s been four years since our last redesign by the excellent Evan Stein/VANPOP, and much has changed in the world of Createquity, and digital strategy. We’re in need of a new logo, new features for the site, and a refreshed design aesthetic. More details for technical requirements and the proposal process in the RFP, but if you know of a designer/developer with experience adapting WordPress themes, please help us reach out to them this week. We’re looking for a response to the RFP by this Friday, July 18.

We want this redesign to better support our expanded goals for Createquity, as well as your needs, dear reader. Help us help you, and pass on any tips for excellent digital professionals.