I needn’t have cut the list short to three last time – there’s a lot of great new (or new to me) stuff out there. Here’s a sampling for you:

blog by arwen
Arwen Lowbridge used to be the Managing Director at Fractured Atlas and now is an independent consultant and performing artist. In addition to her musings about arts management on her new blog, you can read some of her old postings at the Fractured Atlas blog here.

Collective Arts Think Tank
Only one post so far, but man is it a doozy. A collaboration between The Chocolate Factory, Dance Theater Workshop, The Field, The Lost Notebook, Performance Space 122, and thinaar, CATT seeks to provide definition to big-picture conversations already happening among these arts practitioners. Its epic “First Letter to the Field” about which I wrote on Monday, is full of fascinating thoughts on the state of the arts.

An interesting blog about the economics of entrepreneurship, sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation. That might seem a little outside of this blog’s purview at first, but think about it this way: most arts organizations double as small businesses. If we can understand the patterns, behavior, and value of small businesses, we’ll understand a lot more about the arts.

While doing research for my state arts council update over the weekend, I ran across several state- or region-specific blogs associated with arts advocacy organizations or the councils themselves. This is one of the better/more frequently updated ones. Hosted by Artpride NJ, NewJerseyartsblog sprinkles original content like a “Feeling the Pinch?” series in with the usual announcements and press releases.

Wild Caught Stories
A project of the Center for the Study of Arts and Community, Wild Caught Stories is an unusual group blog concept that involves a sequential response to questions by six authors, all noted creative community building professionals. The question under consideration for the current volume is “What is your gift?”