Around the horn: Argo edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT The dreaded sequester began Friday, affecting all federal accounts including that of the National Endowment for the Arts. The NEA will lose 5% of its budget, which works out to about $7.3 million. Grants and administration will be reduced by the same percentage. The reductions only apply through March 27, however,Read More

America’s Top ArtPlaces

Carol Coletta of ArtPlace and Mayor Tom Barrett recognize the Third Ward as one of America’s Top ArtPlaces 2013.

ArtPlace has released a report on the “top 12 ArtPlaces” in the country – the neighborhoods or clusters that scored highest on a subset of the funder’s much-discussed vibrancy indicators: number of “indicator” businesses (“eating and drinking places, shops, personal service establishments and other businesses that cater to consumers”), percentage of independently owned businesses, walkability, percentage of workersRead More

Around the horn: I’m on a plane edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT Narric Rome tells us about where the arts fall in the federal government’s new tourism strategy. After threatening to cap the tax deduction available to donors as a means of raising revenue, the British government has abandoned the plan. ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS Barely two years after changing things up last time, theRead More

Around the horn: April Fool’s edition

Having returned from my sojourn out West and down South which included both a wedding and a bar mitzvah, I am now getting ready for the final eighth of my MBA adventure. I’ll share the final version of my course schedule once it’s finalized next week, but for now it looks like I’ll be pursuingRead More