Around the horn: Crimea edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT And, we try again: as expected, the FCC is proposing new net neutrality rules. They are similar to the previous rules, which were recently invalidated by a federal court, but depend on a different legal rationale. Those who are concerned the rules (old and new) do not go far enough toRead More

Fuzzy Concepts, Proxy Data: Why Indicators Won’t Track Creative Placemaking Success

(If you don’t know the name Ann Markusen, you should. As professor and director of the Project on Regional and Industrial Economics at the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Ann has become one of the most respected and senior voices in the arts research community over the past decade. Among her best-known recentRead More

Introducing a new $800 million arts foundation

Oh, if only if it were a real $800 million arts foundation! Instead, I refer to the Ortiz Foundation for the Arts, a project for my excellent Philanthropic Foundations class that just wrapped up last week. As anyone who’s read my Thoughts on Effective Philanthropy series knows, I’ve been interested in foundation strategy as itRead More

Commongood Careers

On Monday, I attended an excellent presentation by James Weinberg, the founder and CEO of Commongood Careers, an talent search firm for the nonprofit sector. The presentation was primarily geared toward career advice for us students, but it also provided some interesting insights about the industry as a whole. For example, did you know thatRead More