Winter public arts funding update

Continuing a recent trend, the news from abroad is much more interesting than what’s happening here at home. Below, the round-up: FEDERAL Beyond the official departure of Rocco, it’s been a slow news season at the federal level for the arts. One series of developments, however, has involved the Internet Radio Fairness Act, or IRFA.Read More

Around the horn: Anyone but Mitt edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT – DOMESTIC A professor’s quest to overturn a portion of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that placed certain foreign works back under copyright after they had already entered the public domain appears to have reached an end. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is thinking about trying out social impact bonds. LooksRead More

Consulting giant KPMG doesn’t think much of the arts

As in many places around the world, particularly developed nations fighting recession, the arts in Canada’s largest city are feeling the pinch. While the details are being sorted out, the latest news from Toronto is that city-run venues may see their funding cut sharply, with grants to arts organizations increased (just about the opposite approach, interestingly enough,Read More