Notes to “Are The Arts The Answer to Our TV Obsession?”

TV Slave - photo by flickr user Manuele Carra

The following end notes accompany our article, “Are The Arts The Answer to Our TV Obsession?” published on February 22, 2016: (1) What we mean when we say “watching TV” When we talk about hours of television watched, we’re talking about self-reported hours; in other words, the amount of time an individual themselves assesses they watchRead More

The Top 10 Arts Policy Stories of 2015


The arts sustain their first direct hit in the global war on terror, and more.

Core Research Process Update: November 2015


History of change in the arts ecosystem For our examination of the expansion of the nonprofit arts sector, we have continued to prioritize and review resources identified in our initial scan of the literature (shared in our September research update) as well as a few additional sources: DiMaggio, P. J. (2006) Nonprofit organizations and theRead More