Around the horn: Wayne LaPierre edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT The Detroit Institute of the Arts, having convinced residents in three counties to pass a property tax supporting the institution in exchange for free admission, is facing a lawsuit on the basis that the deal doesn’t include special exhibits. MUSICAL CHAIRS Richard Dare, the head of the Brooklyn Philharmonic (previously profiled here onRead More

Around the horn: Tampa/Charlotte/Chris Stevens/47% edition

It’s been a while! ART AND THE GOVERNMENT Bob Lynch reports out on the recent activities of the US Travel & Tourism Advisory Board. Americans for the Arts was out in force at the Republican national convention, organizing a panel with a Mesa mayor who skipped his own election to be there (he was runningRead More

Around the horn: John Roberts edition

Astute readers will note that this edition is mostly comprised of links from the first half of June; I am a little behind in my curation and hope to catch up over the rest of this month. In the meantime, enjoy! MUSICAL CHAIRS Congratulations to Arts Marketing blogger Chad Bauman, who returns to Arena Stage asRead More

All You Can Hear: The SPCO’s Netflix-Style Membership

Photo by Dave 3024

In April, the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra (SPCO) announced the launch of a Netflix-style membership model where you could “get all the SPCO you want for $5 a month.” Still relatively untested in the arts world, this pricing model allows subscribers to see an unlimited number of performances for a low monthly fee. Additional perksRead More

Around the horn: American Bandstand edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT The California Arts Council is in danger of losing its right to solicit voluntary contributions from California citizens through their state income tax returns. Though that wasn’t proving to be a very effective way of raising money anyway – the agency banked only $165,000 from CA’s nearly 40 million residents last year. ArtsRead More

Around the horn: Whitney Houston edition

MUSICAL CHAIRS Americans for the Arts CEO Bob Lynch has been appointed to the US Travel and Tourism Advisory Board. The advisory board “consists of up to 32 members that advise the Secretary of Commerce on government policies and programs that affect the U.S. travel and tourism industry, offers counsel on current and emerging issues, andRead More