Around the horn: Livestrong edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT The Los Angeles Times, via music critic Mark Swed, revives the Secretary of Culture talk, this time nominating Peter Sellars and Leon Botstein for the job. It’s an earnest appeal for an idea worthy of consideration, but if it was a political nonstarter four years ago, it’s hard to see how itRead More

From Grassroots to Institution, Growing With Integrity

"Rhythm & Rest" by the Animus Collective, 2009" at FIGMENT NYC
Photo Credit: Suzie Sims-Fletcher courtesy of FIGMENT

For the past two and a half years I’ve been involved with FIGMENT, a non-profit organization that produces participatory art events in a growing list of cities, including New York, Boston, DC, Detroit, Jackson and Pittsburgh. When I first joined FIGMENT in 2010, it had already grown from a one-day event on New York City’sRead More


My first post from the AFTA Convention a couple of weeks ago provoked several comments about microphilanthropy, based on Craig Dreeszen’s observation that “support for individual entrepreneurs” is a growing trend in creative economy efforts internationally. I’ve been interested in microphilanthropy for some time, but I recently came to the realization that I’ve never postedRead More

Thoughts on “Thoughts on Effective Philanthropy”: Lessons from my Summer Internship

As the twenty or so regular readers of this blog will note, I debuted Createquity last October with a rather brash six-episode litany of “Thoughts on Effective Philanthropy” in the realm of the arts. I say brash because, at the time, I had no experience running a philanthropic program; all I had were my outsiderRead More

Thoughts on Effective Philanthropy: Part III – (Dis-)Economies of Scale in the Arts

Note: This is the third of a multipart series on the arts and philanthropy. I hope these ideas are of interest and welcome suggestions and feedback. To view the rest of this series, click here. When we left off last time, I was advocating for funding agencies to adopt a spirit of experimentation in theirRead More

Commongood Careers

On Monday, I attended an excellent presentation by James Weinberg, the founder and CEO of Commongood Careers, an talent search firm for the nonprofit sector. The presentation was primarily geared toward career advice for us students, but it also provided some interesting insights about the industry as a whole. For example, did you know thatRead More