Around the horn: Big Brother edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT A lot of people are talking about the news that Detroit’s emergency fiscal manager is exploring whether the city-owned art on display at the Detroit Institute of Arts (which I visited for the first time just a few weeks ago) can be considered an asset in the event of a municipal bankruptcy.Read More

Around the horn: Pesach edition

AR T AND THE GOVERNMENT One artist’s activism on immigration and visa reform (he’s banned from entering the USA for 10 years because of a paperwork snafu). The Obama administration has announced three new members of the National Council on the Arts, the body that oversees the NEA. Here are interviews with Maria Rosario Jackson, Emil Kang and Paul Hodes.Read More

Richard Florida Redux and the Creative Placemaking Backlash

Richard Florida is all over the news again with the release of an updated, 10th-anniversary edition of his most famous book, The Rise of the Creative Class. I’m convinced that someone, someday is going to write a fantastic biography of Richard Florida. He’s such a fascinating figure: the symbol of a decidedly 21st-century concept of urbanismRead More

Around the horn: I’m on a plane edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT Narric Rome tells us about where the arts fall in the federal government’s new tourism strategy. After threatening to cap the tax deduction available to donors as a means of raising revenue, the British government has abandoned the plan. ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS Barely two years after changing things up last time, theRead More

Around the horn: heat wave edition

First Things First EMCArts’s Director: Activating Innovation position, which we first posted about in March, is open again. Details here. Cool Projects You simply MUST watch the entirety of this video produced by the fine citizens of Grand Rapids. Organized after an article published on Newsweek’s website named Grand Rapids one of “America’s Top 10Read More

Around the horn: Big edition

It’s been a fun but busy January for Createquity. The subscriber count finally passed 1,000 a few weeks ago, we had a little Writing Fellowship competition (more on that tomorrow), and out of the blue Rosetta Thurman kindly named yours truly one of the top 10 young nonprofit bloggers to follow in 2011. (That listRead More

Around the horn: Happy New Year edition

Cities, Demographics, and People A while back, I pointed folks to Scarlett Swerdlow’s suggestion that the arts community get involved in non-arts advocacy in order to forge alliances with key partners in other sectors. Well, here’s an opportunity to do just that: the Livable Communities Act, which would grant $4 billion to communities for comprehensiveRead More

Around the horn: Frequent Flyer edition

The NYC launch party for 20UNDER40 is taking place at Bar 13 (13th and University near Union Square) on Monday, December 13 from 6:30-8:30pm. Fractured Atlas is co-hosting. See you there? News and announcements In what is undoubtedly the highest-profile and most unusual merger of arts organizations since the Great Recession hit, Bill T. Jones/ArnieRead More

Creative Placemaking (and Panelmaking) with the NEA

(Originally posted at the Fractured Atlas blog.) Two weeks ago, I traveled down to DC to take in the “Creative Placemaking” discussion organized by the NEA and hosted by the Canadian Embassy. (Two of the panelists, Tim Jones of Artscape and Richard Florida of all things Richard Florida, are current residents of our neighbor nation to the north.)Read More