Notes to “Everything We Know About Whether and How the Arts Improves Lives”

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The following notes accompany our feature article Everything We Know About Whether and How the Arts Improves Lives, published on December 19, 2016: Methodology for Rating Evidence We use the following definitions for placement on the graph and for describing benefits in the document. Does the evidence indicate that the benefit exists? Yes: the majorityRead More

Notes to “Part of Your World”


The following end notes accompany our article, “Part of Your World: On the Arts and Wellbeing,” published on August 31, 2015: [1] For his part, Sen has written a stirring defense of incorporating cultural considerations into international development policy, although his essay does not dwell on explicit connections to the capability approach. [2] Createquity isRead More

Core Research Process Update: April 2015

As noted in our last update, we’re working on an investigation of the relationship between arts participation and economic disadvantage. Since February, we’ve made some additional progress in the course of preparing our first feature article on this topic. We’ve reviewed five new sources and also done “deeper dives” on five of the publications thatRead More