Detroit Institute of Arts Collection Rescued by “Grand Bargain” (and other November stories)

The Detroit Institute of Art's Woodward entrance. (Image courtesy the Detroit Institute of Arts)

It took two years, nearly $1 billion, and a deus ex machina – but the DIA’s art is finally safe from creditors.

Around the horn: Amiri Baraka edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT A Federal court has overturned the FCC’s “net neutrality” regulations, which have required internet service providers to treat all content equally. Legal details here; implications for artists and ways to get involved here. Meanwhile, AT&T has announced a plan to exempt selected content from wireless data caps; artists are expressing concern.Read More

Around the horn: POLAR VORTEX edition!

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT In a major victory for New York’s arts education advocates, Mayor Bloomberg signed a bill requiring the city’s department of education to report on the availability and accessibility of arts education in each of its schools. This annual report will make public the degree to which schools meet current instructional requirementsRead More

Thanksgiving public arts funding update

FEDERAL The biggest news on federal support for the arts is a lack of news. Following the 16-day shutdown in early October, the federal government was reauthorized at last year’s budget levels (post-sequester) until January 15. Which means we get to do this all over again in just a month and a half! Woohoo! Congress hasRead More

Around the horn: GIA recovery edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT Twitter, Facebook, and now the Minnesota Orchestra: everyone’s going public these days. State legislators announced a bill last week to save the troubled ensemble and gauge public support for its continuation by making it “a community-owned entity in which any individual or group could buy stock.” MUSICAL CHAIRS Robert Vagt, theRead More

Around the horn: I’m on a plane edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT Narric Rome tells us about where the arts fall in the federal government’s new tourism strategy. After threatening to cap the tax deduction available to donors as a means of raising revenue, the British government has abandoned the plan. ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS Barely two years after changing things up last time, theRead More

Around the horn: Obamacare edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT Mike Boehm has more on the important role California’s soon-to-be-defunct community redevelopment agencies have had in shaping Los Angeles’s cultural development. Gene Takagi provides this extremely helpful dispatch from a session on new “hybrid” legal forms such as the Benefit Corporation and L3C. Culture360 has published a helpful two–part history and analysis of cultural policy in SouthRead More

Around the horn: Japan edition

(OK, here’s the follow-up. Enjoy!) TALKS AND SPEECHES YOU MISSED Marc Vogl and Jeanne Sakamoto of the Hewlett and Irvine Foundations, respectively, hosted a Grantmakers in the Arts webinar on the subject of retaining emerging leaders in the arts field. Here is the full 40-minute presentation, and Marc and Jeanne have also put together aRead More