Capsule Review: Attendance and Participation in the Performing Arts

Title: Attendance and Public Participation in the Performing Arts: A Review of the Empirical Literature Author(s): Bruce A. Seaman Publisher: Georgia State University Year: 2005 URL: Topics: economics, econometrics, arts participation, lit review Methods: literature review What it says: This is a critical review of cultural economics research literature, starting with Baumol and Bowen’sRead More

All You Can Hear: The SPCO’s Netflix-Style Membership

Photo by Dave 3024

In April, the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra (SPCO) announced the launch of a Netflix-style membership model where you could “get all the SPCO you want for $5 a month.” Still relatively untested in the arts world, this pricing model allows subscribers to see an unlimited number of performances for a low monthly fee. Additional perksRead More

Around the horn: Debt ceiling edition

Don’t forget the Createquity Writing Fellowship application deadline is this Friday, August 5! PUBLIC POLICY AND THE ARTS – FEDERAL The State Department, though the New England Foundation for the Arts, is funding a major new cultural diplomacy program aimed at bringing foreign artists to small and midsize cities across the United States. Alyssa RosenbergRead More