Notes to “Who Will Be the Next Arts Revolutionary?”

1950s wood panel on a Ford Country Squire by flickr user Mr. Gray

The following endnotes accompany our feature article, “Who Will Be the Next Arts Revolutionary?” published on March 7, 2016:   Graphic: The Boom in U.S. Nonprofits / The U.S. Arts Nonprofit Growth Spurt Reliable longitudinal data on the size of the nonprofit arts sector is difficult to come by for this period. In his 1984Read More

Core Research Process Update

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  History of change in the arts ecosystem In December and early January we focused on reviewing resources uncovered in our initial literature search which provide a history of the larger nonprofit sector, as well as assembling data from multiple of these sources on the size of the nonprofit arts sector at different periods. WeRead More

Core Research Process Update: November 2015


History of change in the arts ecosystem For our examination of the expansion of the nonprofit arts sector, we have continued to prioritize and review resources identified in our initial scan of the literature (shared in our September research update) as well as a few additional sources: DiMaggio, P. J. (2006) Nonprofit organizations and theRead More

Around the horn: Donald Sterling edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT The IRS has proposed a new Form 1023-EZ, which would allow some smaller organizations to apply for tax-exempt status with much less hassle. The National Association of State Charity Officials has objected out of a belief that completing the longer form is an important educational experience and a fear that applicationsRead More

No Strings Attached

One M-Pesa location in Kenya. Photo by Fiona Bradley.

A few years ago four grad students from Harvard and M.I.T. decided they wanted to use their brains and dollars to improve the lives of some of the poorest people in the world. They researched different strategies of philanthropy, looked at the data available, and based on the evidence they chose a novel approach. NoRead More