Around the horn: Donald Sterling edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT The IRS has proposed a new Form 1023-EZ, which would allow some smaller organizations to apply for tax-exempt status with much less hassle. The National Association of State Charity Officials has objected out of a belief that completing the longer form is an important educational experience and a fear that applicationsRead More

Around the horn: Lois Lerner, we hardly knew ye edition

(This edition prepared by Createquity Writing Fellow Dan Thompson) ART AND THE GOVERNMENT Never afraid to speak his mind, Rocco Landesman shares a few more words about his experience as NEA head, this time with the Public Theater’s Public Forum Podcast. MUSICAL CHAIRS Ken Corbin, a 27-year IRS veteran, will take over as acting head of theRead More

Around the horn: fiscal cliff edition

A friendly reminder that the deadline for the Createquity Writing Fellowship is noon Eastern time on Tuesday, January 8. All it takes is a 250-word statement of interest to get started. Look forward to reading your submissions! ART AND THE GOVERNMENT Three perspectives on the fiscal cliff deal: from Nonprofit Quarterly; from Americans for the Arts; fromRead More

New Blogs!

With this post, I have now published more entries in half a year of 2009 than I did in the entirety of 2008. Woohoo! Here are this week’s newly added blogs. diacriticalI didn’t realize until recently that Doug McLennan, the brains behind the ArtsJournal empire, also had a blog of his own. Doug’s continual monitoringRead More