Changes to Federal Rules for Nonprofits (and other July stories)

Capitol Hill, Washington DC - by Flickr user KP Tripathi, Creative Commons license

Policymakers approve budgets for the NEA and NEH and consider a number of changes to rules governing charitable donations, while the IRS makes it easier for small organizations to secure nonprofit status.

Around the horn: Slovyansk edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT In a reversal, the FCC has drafted new net neutrality rules that critics claim are unworthy of the name: they would allow broadband companies to provide a “fast lane” for content providers willing to pay a “commercially reasonable” fee. The FCC’s public comment period opens on May 15. Related: if theRead More

Around the horn: Sweet Caroline edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT The New York Times reports on the state of Rhode Island’s disastrous investment in former Boston Red Sox star pitcher Curt Schilling’s video game company, 38 Studios. Little Rhody gave Schilling a $75 million loan as an incentive to locate in the Ocean State, as part of a new Knowledge District in downtownRead More

Around the horn: Super Bowl edition

Createquity has had some milestones recently: in addition to reaching 3000 subscribers (woohoo!), for the first time, both authors of the research studies given the Arts Policy Library treatment recently have responded to the Createquity Writing Fellows in the comments. You can read Holly Sidford’s many-months-later perspective on “Fusing Arts, Culture, and Social Change” here,Read More

Around the horn: cease fire edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT “Kansas arts agencies have been on hold several months, waiting for a clue as to how state dollars allocated by the 2012 Legislature might translate into an economic boon to arts programs.” The recent public arts funding update had some grim news from the UK. Here’s one possible reason: an annual studyRead More

Around the horn: Hallsnoween edition

MUSICAL CHAIRS Judilee Reed, formerly the executive director of Leveraging Investments in Creativity, joins the Surdna Foundation as director of its Thriving Cultures program. With Reed’s departure, LINC – which was designed from its inception in 2003 as a ten-year program – begins the process of counting down the clock. I suspect it’s no accident that the funder collaborative thatRead More

Around the horn: Independence edition

Whew! I think this past month might just have been the craziest ever for me. Two research contract proposals, a final report, visits to Chicago, DC (twice), San Diego, LA, and Boston, a birthday, committee work for the Americans for the Arts Emerging Leader Council, editing Arts Policy Library pieces by the Createquity Writing Fellows,Read More