What We Talk About When We Talk About Race

Plaque honoring Stephen Schwarzman, after whom the New York Public Library's flagship building is named.

Young whites poring over books, memorizin’ but never learning And I wonder how the fuck they’ll justify genocide. “I…I was in the library, honest to God, I didn’t even know.” —From “The Library,” by Felipe Luciano of The Original Last Poets On March 7 of this year, my friend and I attended a screening ofRead More

Mood affiliation and group loyalty in the arts

Some food for thought as we navigate public debates about gun control, taxation, and the value of the arts (emphasis mine):  [T]he study presents both observational and experimental data inconsistent with the hypothesis that political conservatism is distinctively associated with closed-mindedness: conservatives did no better or worse than liberals on an objective measure of cognitiveRead More