What We Talk About When We Talk About Race

Plaque honoring Stephen Schwarzman, after whom the New York Public Library's flagship building is named.

Young whites poring over books, memorizin’ but never learning And I wonder how the fuck they’ll justify genocide. “I…I was in the library, honest to God, I didn’t even know.” —From “The Library,” by Felipe Luciano of The Original Last Poets On March 7 of this year, my friend and I attended a screening ofRead More

Around the horn: Big Papi edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT Glenn Beck is at it again: the right-wing broadcaster recently attacked the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture along with the Imagining America initiative on his Internet show, The Blaze. Far from a government agency, the USDAC is a “citizen-powered” art project that hasn’t received any public funding to date. Not one to be deterred by facts, Beck claimsRead More

From Palate to Palette: Can Food be Art?

Future Farmers Victory Garden Seeds
Photo Credit: Mark Simpkins

Last night, I cooked broccoli rabe with caramelized onions and vegan fennel sausage, along with a creamy parmesan polenta and a crusty whole wheat rosemary bread made from the Camaldoli sourdough culture that I feed flour to each day. Like many artists I know, I love to cook. My bookshelves are filled with equal numbersRead More