Capsule Review: Stressed Out on 4 Continents

Title: Stressed Out on Four Continents: Time Crunch or Yuppie Kvetch? Author(s): Daniel S. Hamermesh and Jungmin Lee Publisher: The Review of Economics and Statistics Year: 2007 URL: Topics: time stress, high-income households Methods: analysis of data from four different datasets: Australia’s “Household, Income, and Labour Dynamics in Australia” survey, Germany’s Socioeconomic Panel, theRead More

Capsule Review: Leisure Inequality in the U.S.

Title: Leisure Inequality in the United States: 1965-2003 Author(s): Almudena Sevilla, Jose I. Gimenez-Nadal, Jonathan Gershuny Publisher: Demography Year: 2012 URL: Topics: Leisure time, American Heritage Time Use Study, quality of leisure time, happiness, income, time use Methods: Regression analysis and summary statistics of the AHTUS. The authors perform the analysis of less educated andRead More

Capsule Review: The Time-Pressure Illusion

Title: The Time-Pressure Illusion: Discretionary Time Vs. Free Time Author(s): Robert E. Goodin, James Mahmud Rice, Michael Bittman, Peter Saunders Publisher: Social Indicators Research Year: 2005 URL: Topics: leisure time, discretionary time, “time poverty” Methods: Analysis of 1992 Australian Time-Use Survey, a diary-based exercise largely considered one of the “gold standards” in the field.Read More

Capsule Review: Changes in Daily American Life

Title: Changes in Daily American Life: 1965-2005 Author(s): John P. Robinson and Steven Martin Publisher: Social Indicators Research Year: 2009 URL: Topics: Trends in leisure time, American Heritage Time-Use Survey Methods: Analysis of summary statistics from the American Heritage Time-Use Survey (AHTUS), which includes harmonized data sets from different surveys on leisure time, includingRead More