Thanksgiving public arts funding update

FEDERAL The biggest news on federal support for the arts is a lack of news. Following the 16-day shutdown in early October, the federal government was reauthorized at last year’s budget levels (post-sequester) until January 15. Which means we get to do this all over again in just a month and a half! Woohoo! Congress hasRead More

Quick housekeeping note

If you’re one of the roughly 1300 or so Createquity subscribers who is using Google Reader to keep up with the articles here, you probably know that Google is killing its much-beloved service as of today. Never fear, however – many alternatives exist, and they’re doing everything they can to make the transition as easyRead More

Around the horn: fiscal cliff edition

A friendly reminder that the deadline for the Createquity Writing Fellowship is noon Eastern time on Tuesday, January 8. All it takes is a 250-word statement of interest to get started. Look forward to reading your submissions! ART AND THE GOVERNMENT Three perspectives on the fiscal cliff deal: from Nonprofit Quarterly; from Americans for the Arts; fromRead More

Around the horn: moment of silence edition

Going to be off the grid for the next little bit. Comments will be a little slow in getting posted. Back after next week! ART AND THE GOVERNMENT Who should be the next chair of the NEA? Barry Hessenius and Ray Mark Rinaldi trot out some possibilities. Penn Hill Group, which is working with Grantmakers in the Arts on federalRead More

Around the horn: Tampa/Charlotte/Chris Stevens/47% edition

It’s been a while! ART AND THE GOVERNMENT Bob Lynch reports out on the recent activities of the US Travel & Tourism Advisory Board. Americans for the Arts was out in force at the Republican national convention, organizing a panel with a Mesa mayor who skipped his own election to be there (he was runningRead More

Around the horn: Santorum edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT – DOMESTIC Fractured Atlas officially comes out against the PROTECT-IP Act, also known as SOPA. The same week, the Senate and House remove the most controversial provision. Coincidence? I think not. The state of Connecticut is rebooting its arts agency giving strategy under new leader Kip Bergstrom. The mayor of Boston is “asking” local museums and otherRead More

Around the Horn: Far East edition

Posting has been light because I’m just wrapping up two weeks in Japan, my longest vacation in three years. As much as I attempted to disconnect from the world while I’ve been away, I couldn’t make myself let go completely, particularly since I knew that Google Reader would get very, very angry with me ifRead More

How to solve the concert calendar problem

This post by Andrew Taylor intrigued me: …Which brings us to systems like SonicLiving, a live concert database that draws on my iTunes library and Pandora radio stations to suggest upcoming shows in my town. In a few short steps, the system flagged three upcoming concerts by favorite artists that I didn’t know about (becauseRead More