Around the horn: Slovyansk edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT In a reversal, the FCC has drafted new net neutrality rules that critics claim are unworthy of the name: they would allow broadband companies to provide a “fast lane” for content providers willing to pay a “commercially reasonable” fee. The FCC’s public comment period opens on May 15. Related: if theRead More

Around the horn: Madiba edition

Don’t forget about the Createquity Fellowship deadline coming up this Friday! ART AND THE GOVERNMENT The value of the creative sector to the U.S. economy? Half a trillion dollars. The value of the Bureau of Economic Analysis’s official inclusion of our sector in its GDP analysis? Priceless. Responses from the field have been mixed. Some areRead More

Around the horn: edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT A consortium of City of Detroit creditors have made the first legal move towards pressuring the Detroit Institute of Arts to sell city-owned artworks to help pay for debts owed. Executive Vice President Annemarie Erickson defends the museum against Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr’s demand that the museum find one way orRead More

Culture and Community Revitalization: the Executive Summary

(This is a bite-sized version of the much longer piece Arts Policy Library: Culture and Community Revitalization.) The Social Impact of the Arts Project, based at the University of Pennsylvania, was founded in 1994 with the intent of studying the connection between the arts and community life. Over time, SIAP has established mechanisms to helpRead More

Arts Policy Library: Culture and Community Revitalization

SIAP Index Map

(For a much briefer version of this analysis, please see the Executive Summary.) SUMMARY The Social Impact of the Arts Project, based at the University of Pennsylvania, was founded in 1994 with the intent of studying the connection between the arts and community life. After all, “if the arts and culture do, in fact, haveRead More

Artists and Gentrification: Sticky Myths, Slippery Realities


(Anne Gadwa Nicodemus is one of the smartest people I know and a nationally-recognized expert on creative placemaking and artist spaces. Currently principal of Metris Arts Consulting, she is a choreographer/arts administrator turned urban planner, researcher, writer, speaker, and advocate on the intersection of arts and community development. Please enjoy her guest post tackling one ofRead More

Around the horn: Super Bowl edition

Createquity has had some milestones recently: in addition to reaching 3000 subscribers (woohoo!), for the first time, both authors of the research studies given the Arts Policy Library treatment recently have responded to the Createquity Writing Fellows in the comments. You can read Holly Sidford’s many-months-later perspective on “Fusing Arts, Culture, and Social Change” here,Read More

Around the horn: John Roberts edition

Astute readers will note that this edition is mostly comprised of links from the first half of June; I am a little behind in my curation and hope to catch up over the rest of this month. In the meantime, enjoy! MUSICAL CHAIRS Congratulations to Arts Marketing blogger Chad Bauman, who returns to Arena Stage asRead More

Creative Placemaking Has an Outcomes Problem

ArtPlace Theory of Change

(Note: a follow-up to this post, “In Defense of Logic Models,” is now available here) “I feel like whenever I talk to artists these days, I should be apologizing,” says Kevin Stolarick, Research Director for the Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. To most in the arts community, StolarickRead More