Around the horn: Heat wave edition

As we’ve mentioned here a few times recently, nonprofit organizations are now required to file a 990-N “postcard” form with the IRS every year. The National Center for Charitable Statistics has helpfully compiled a “doomsday list” of nonprofits who have failed to meet the requirement even after multiple warnings and thus risk losing their tax-exemptRead More

Eighth Blackbird Gets It Right

Earlier this year, I wrote some critical words about Chicago-based chamber music ensemble eighth blackbird’s composer competition that offered only a $1000 prize despite an abnormally high $50 entry fee for composers. While steep entry fees for artistic competitions are problematic no matter who is charging them, it struck many in the composition community asRead More

Five Generosity Experiments

image by Digital Explorer, some rights reserved

I remember my first encounter with beggars. It was, oddly enough, while I was accompanying my parents on a trip to England when I was ten years old. We passed a few on the stairs into the Tube, brown women sitting on blankets with cups out, obviously miserable. I remember expecting my parents to throwRead More

Some further resources on the economics debate

For those of you who have been waiting patiently for Createquity to get off the economics kick it’s been indulging in for the past couple of weeks…well, all I can tell you is sit tight, we’re just getting started! While the main show thus far has been my debates with Michael Rushton, Adam Huttler, TonyRead More

Around the horn: Bart Stupak edition

As a reminder, feel free to submit tips for “Around the horn” via the Createquity Tipster, now in convenient spreadsheet format! For the next three weeks, UNESCO is holding an international email discussion on “Funding Culture, Managing the Risk,” leading up to an in-person symposium on April 16-17 at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. The discussionRead More

Economicsitis: A Response


Last week’s post, provocatively titled Economists Don’t Care About Poor People, attracted two lengthy, substantive critiques. One was from Michael Rushton, with whom I’ve tangled previously on the subject, and the other from Adam Huttler. (Note to self: when your own boss writes an eleventy-thousand-word comment refuting your twelvety-thousand-word blog post, maybe it’s time to,Read More

Economists Don’t Care About Poor People

(Cf. for the title.) My around the horn post from this week included an item on the ethics of offering unpaid internships and a proposal under consideration across the pond to force arts organizations (and other employers, presumably) to pay interns the minimum wage if the engagement is longer than a month. This sparked aRead More

Around the horn: earthquake edition

David Byrne has a new journal entry talking about his experience speaking at the TED Conference last month. If you’d like to hear Byrne speak, he will be kicking off the Connecting New England’s Creative Communities Summit in Providence next week as part of a panel on “Cities, Bicycles, and the Future of Getting Around.”Read More

eighth blackbird and the Ethics of Pay-to-Play


Chicago-based chamber music ensemble eighth blackbird has earned the admiration of many a composer over the past 14 years for their electrifying performances, outreach to new audiences, and tireless championship of contemporary programming. That is, until the announcement of their new composition competition earlier this month. It seems that in order to enter the competition,Read More