Around the horn: Four more years edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT As you know, there was an election last week, and Barack Obama won it. Thankfully this means that Barry Hessenius’s worst fears about the NEA likely won’t be realized, but Barry does have some useful advocacy advice that is worth a read regardless of the outcome. Ted Johnson has a helpful pre-electionRead More

The Myth of the Transformative Arts Experience

For a long, long time (as in, literally, months now), I’ve been meaning to respond to an essay by Philadelphia’s Chief Cultural Officer Gary Steuer lamenting what he sees as “the greatest sacrifice arts workers make” – the inability to recapture one’s first, “innocent” experiences of the arts, the ones that presumably convinced the personRead More

Revisiting arts advocacy

I’ve been meaning to write on this subject for quite some time, ever since Greg Sandow posted the thought-provoking second part of his series on How to Advocate for the Arts. Greg’s thesis can be more or less summed up by this quote: If some things in art can’t support themselves in the market place,Read More