Around the Horn: Rob Ford edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT The even playing field that is the Internet might be about to tilt in the favor of the powerful, in this case AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, and the like. Net neutrality is in the hands of the DC Circuit Court. The National Initiative on Arts & the Military has released a newRead More

Cool job of the month – no, seriously people

I’m biased, but I think this is the coolest job we’ve posted in quite some time – possibly ever! Fractured Atlas is hiring a full-time Program Specialist to work on one of our data + technology projects, Archipelago, out of our brand-new Washington, DC office. Your boss will be yours truly – and I can’tRead More

An Ecosystem-Based Approach to Arts Research

(Cross-posted from the Fractured Atlas blog. Part of an occasional series on Fractured Atlas’s research philosophy and practices. For more articles, click here.) As those of you who have been following Fractured Atlas closely may know, we’ve been working on some innovative technological solutions for aggregating and analyzing data about the cultural sector for theRead More


As I mentioned on the blog a little while back, I’m working in California this summer for the Hewlett Foundation. Though my internship started last week, I’ve refrained from blogging explicitly about work thus far because I didn’t want to violate any understandings of confidentiality. Nevertheless, I’m thankful that the staff has graciously and generouslyRead More