[Createquity Reruns] Arts Policy Library: Fusing Arts, Culture and Social Change

(Holly Sidford’s “Fusing Arts, Culture and Social Change” is perhaps the most talked-about arts research publication of the past five years, and Createquity’s take on it went against conventional wisdom in several important ways. This review by Talia Gibas is a great example of the nuance we try to capture when we’re considering what researchRead More

[Createquity Reruns] MASS MoCA and the Revitalization of North Adams

(This week, we’re celebrating the Createquity Arts Policy Library, our collection of in-depth investigations of specific research reports and other publications that have something of interest to say about the arts. Today’s entry highlights a lesser-known study published in 2006 that provides some of the best evidence we’ve amassed to date about the causal relationshipRead More

[Createquity Reruns] Economics myths

(Happy Labor Day! For those of you who are wondering when the new Createquity is coming, never fear – we’ll have an announcement about that soon. In the meantime, our rerun programming continues with a series of posts about economics. Createquity has always loved exploring the intersection between the arts and various other fields, butRead More