Come be nerdy with Ian and Nina Simon in Santa Cruz!

Have you ever wondered what all this impact assessment and evaluation stuff is all about, but haven’t been sure how to get started? I bet you’re not alone! That’s why I’m psyched to be involved with a great and affordable professional development event happening this summer in gorgeous Santa Cruz, CA, called Museum Camp 2014:Read More

Culture and Community Revitalization: the Executive Summary

(This is a bite-sized version of the much longer piece Arts Policy Library: Culture and Community Revitalization.) The Social Impact of the Arts Project, based at the University of Pennsylvania, was founded in 1994 with the intent of studying the connection between the arts and community life. Over time, SIAP has established mechanisms to helpRead More

Arts Policy Library: Culture and Community Revitalization

SIAP Index Map

(For a much briefer version of this analysis, please see the Executive Summary.) SUMMARY The Social Impact of the Arts Project, based at the University of Pennsylvania, was founded in 1994 with the intent of studying the connection between the arts and community life. After all, “if the arts and culture do, in fact, haveRead More

Artists and Gentrification: Sticky Myths, Slippery Realities


(Anne Gadwa Nicodemus is one of the smartest people I know and a nationally-recognized expert on creative placemaking and artist spaces. Currently principal of Metris Arts Consulting, she is a choreographer/arts administrator turned urban planner, researcher, writer, speaker, and advocate on the intersection of arts and community development. Please enjoy her guest post tackling one ofRead More

Making History While Making Places – Creativity From the Ground Up

Mural in Paducah, KY. Photo by Tom Borrup

(Tom Borrup was kind enough to send this reaction to the recent ArtPlace Creative Placemaking Summit. Tom consults with cities, foundations, and nonprofits integrating the arts, economic development, urban planning, civic engagement, and animation of public space. His book The Creative Community Builders’ Handbook, 2006, profiles communities that have transformed their economic, social, and physical infrastructuresRead More

Around the horn: diversity edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT The Future of Music Coalition’s Casey Rae recaps current policy on orphan works (i.e., creations under copyright but whose owners no longer exist), and outlines a solution that protects the original author/performer in such cases. Casey’s post has instructions if you want to file supporting or additional comments with the Copyright Office. WithRead More

Informal Arts: the informal version

This is a short overview of my full article for the Arts Policy Library. Informal Arts is a series of case studies on the little-researched topic of adult participation in informal arts. By following twelve groups ranging from a quilting guild to a hip-hop collective, this 431-page report delves into the social and artistic valueRead More

Arts Policy Library: Informal Arts

Informal Arts Table

Informal Arts: Finding Cohesion, Capacity and Other Cultural Benefits in Unexpected Places (Chicago Center for Arts Policy at Columbia College, 2002) sheds light on the little-studied topic of adult participation in informal arts. The report was commissioned by the CAP in response to “The Arts & The Public Purpose” (American Assembly Consensus Report, 1997), theRead More

State Arts Funding Update

Any way you slice it, it’s been a rough year for state arts councils. According to the National Assembly of State Arts Associations (NASAA), states have reduced their funding for arts agencies an average of 7% (14% if you take out Minnesota, which recently enacted a kickass new arts tax that tripled the money available).Read More

Around the horn: real world edition

My lesson for this week: sometimes, taking four and a half classes off of your schedule doesn’t necessarily make your life any less busy. Not sure if that says more about my classes or about me. Either way, here’s your roundup for the first week of June: On the heels of my income-sensitive ticket proposal,Read More