Capsule Review: Making Nonprofits Civically Engaged


Title: Characteristics of Civically Engaged Nonprofit Arts Organizations: The Results of a National Survey Author(s): Mirae Kim Publisher: Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly Year: 2016 URL: Topics: Non-profit management, arts organizations, civic engagement, arts management Methods: Survey, Structured interviews, correlation analysis What it says: The study uses data from a U.S. survey, structured interviewsRead More

Core Research Process Update


  Our research on the history of the arts ecosystem continues with our investigation of the expanding definition of the arts and the recent history of support and recognition for artists of color. We have decided to focus this research on the period covering 1980-today, with an emphasis on trends related to equity and multiculturalismRead More

Core Research Process Update: February 2016


This month, we began a new research investigation in the arts and economic disadvantage research area into how artists make a living. We are examining the barriers that economically disadvantaged people face when pursuing “scarce” opportunities in the arts to become artists. We have agreed upon research questions and completed an initial scan for literatureRead More

Notes to “Who Will Be the Next Arts Revolutionary?”

1950s wood panel on a Ford Country Squire by flickr user Mr. Gray

The following endnotes accompany our feature article, “Who Will Be the Next Arts Revolutionary?” published on March 7, 2016:   Graphic: The Boom in U.S. Nonprofits / The U.S. Arts Nonprofit Growth Spurt Reliable longitudinal data on the size of the nonprofit arts sector is difficult to come by for this period. In his 1984Read More