Around the horn: Livestrong edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT The Los Angeles Times, via music critic Mark Swed, revives the Secretary of Culture talk, this time nominating Peter Sellars and Leon Botstein for the job. It’s an earnest appeal for an idea worthy of consideration, but if it was a political nonstarter four years ago, it’s hard to see how itRead More

Around the horn: turning the corner edition

Here’s a question for my long(er)time readers: should I continue with the weekly “around the horn” posts, or would you prefer if I selected only the articles that I have something to say about and gave them their own entries? I would then put articles that I merely find notable on my Twitter feed. DoRead More

Around the horn: home stretch edition

My fourth and final semester at the Yale School of Management has begun, and classes-wise, it’s looking to be the most interesting yet. I’m taking Endowment Management with the folks from the legendary Yale Investments Office, which has performed in the top one percent of institutional investors over the past two decades; Philanthropic Foundations withRead More

On the Arts Czar question

As mentioned here a few days ago, there’s a petition going around, now up to nearly 200,000 signatures, advocating that the United States create a Cabinet-level position in charge of the arts and culture industries. This “Secretary of the Arts” would….well, I’m not exactly sure what it would do, but the main idea is toRead More

Michael Dorf for NEA head?

So speculates the LA Times. This Michael Dorf is not to be confused with the other Michael C. Dorf who also happens to be a lawyer, nor the founder of the Knitting Factory, which would have been an interesting appointment to say the least. Meanwhile, the whole cabinet position for the arts thing receives someRead More

Around the horn: pre-inauguration edition!

With Obama set to assume the highest office in the land Tuesday, the arts blogosphere has been swirling with ideas, petitions, and requests for input on how the arts should be incorporated into the new administration’s agenda. Now, finally, we can add to that some news: Americans for the Arts has seemingly met with someRead More