Notes to “Everything We Know About Whether and How the Arts Improves Lives”

"Catalog" by Flickr user Beyond DC

The following notes accompany our feature article Everything We Know About Whether and How the Arts Improves Lives, published on December 19, 2016: Methodology for Rating Evidence We use the following definitions for placement on the graph and for describing benefits in the document. Does the evidence indicate that the benefit exists? Yes: the majorityRead More

Around the Horn: Rob Ford edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT The even playing field that is the Internet might be about to tilt in the favor of the powerful, in this case AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, and the like. Net neutrality is in the hands of the DC Circuit Court. The National Initiative on Arts & the Military has released a newRead More

Around the horn: Lois Lerner, we hardly knew ye edition

(This edition prepared by Createquity Writing Fellow Dan Thompson) ART AND THE GOVERNMENT Never afraid to speak his mind, Rocco Landesman shares a few more words about his experience as NEA head, this time with the Public Theater’s Public Forum Podcast. MUSICAL CHAIRS Ken Corbin, a 27-year IRS veteran, will take over as acting head of theRead More