Around the horn: Big Brother edition

ART AND THE GOVERNMENT A lot of people are talking about the news that Detroit’s emergency fiscal manager is exploring whether the city-owned art on display at the Detroit Institute of Arts (which I visited for the first time just a few weeks ago) can be considered an asset in the event of a municipal bankruptcy.Read More

Around the horn: Spring has Sprung Edition

(Assembled by Createquity Writing Fellow Tegan Kehoe) ART AND THE GOVERNMENT  At the end of April, the City of Philadelphia unveiled a free online tool called CultureBlocks for “research, planning, exploration and investment” in creative placemaking. Gary Steuer, the Chief Cultural Officer of the City of Philadelphia, gives an inside look at the tool, andRead More

New Blogs!

Here are this week’s newly added blogs….enjoy! Arlene GoldbardI first came to know Arlene Goldbard’s work through her two-part series proposing “A New New Deal” from earlier this year, published by Community Arts Network. She has a blog at her own website that deals with “culture, politics, and spirituality.” Goldbard has been writing on theseRead More

Stimulus not getting much of a rise out of Republicans

And so it begins. Now that Republican opposition to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 is solidifying, political conservatives in the Senate are beginning to use the $50 million in NEA funding that was in the original design of the bill (and the version that the House passed) as a pawn for negotiations.Read More