You can help make the world a better place by better understanding the arts!

At the top of my reading list is Createquity. It’s an amazing resource of ideas and information that you just can’t find anywhere else online. —Thomas Cott, You’ve Cott Mail

Every year, governments, foundations, universities, and scientists invest thousands of hours and millions of dollars generating research about arts and culture. Some of that research might hold insights crucial to solving our most pressing challenges — yet most of us are far too busy to take it all in.

Createquity makes sense of all that research for you. We are a think tank and online publication investigating the most important issues in the arts and what we, collectively and individually, can do about them. And we’re on a long-term mission to help make the world a better place by better understanding the arts.

Createquity takes on mighty challenges on a mighty small budget, and your contributions are essential to our success. The vast majority of donations we receive go directly towards the modest stipends we provide our team of social purpose journalists and researchers, whose efforts are equipping change agents with the information they need to make a difference.

When my CEO asks for data, or lit review, etc. this is the first place I go…I like that they offer great depth, and also high level thinking. [A]ll helpful to my role, when I am being called on to advance arts and culture strategy. —longtime reader

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Featured image: “Coventry Kids’ Corner” by Flickr user, alh1.