createquity-insider-orange-2374x1117-darkCreatequity Insider is a transparency initiative offering our readers the opportunity to deeply engage in our research process. While we’re maintaining the focus on thoughtful, high-quality content through our regular blog posts, Insider exists as a separate subscription feed that will surface our internal discussions, investigations, and preliminary findings along the path to concrete recommendations for the field. As a subscriber, you’ll see posts about why certain lines of research have been chosen, lists of additional source material for those who want to dig into a theme on their own, a selection of quick-and-dirty “capsule review” research summaries, and—we hope—wide-ranging, informed discussion with readers like you from across the U.S. and around the world.

For Createquity, Insider represents an investment in an open process, one that allows for the kind of informed, fact-based debate among peers that we believe is necessary to make meaningful progress towards a healthier arts ecosystem.

Here are three easy ways to follow along with Insider: