Core Research Process Update: October 2015


This month we looked more closely at the idea of television addiction and the choices that people make with regard to their television viewing. The literature appears to agree that television addiction does exist, and that it describes a particular set of behaviors that resemble drug or alcohol addiction. We found that television choices areRead More

Core Research Process Update: September 2015


This past month, Createquity continued conducting research for our follow-up to the article “Why Don’t They Come?” and our investigation of the history of change in the arts ecosystem over the past half-century. Arts and Economic Disadvantage This month, we looked closely at studies exploring reasons for lack of interest among people who do notRead More

Notes to “Part of Your World”


The following end notes accompany our article, “Part of Your World: On the Arts and Wellbeing,” published on August 31, 2015: [1] For his part, Sen has written a stirring defense of incorporating cultural considerations into international development policy, although his essay does not dwell on explicit connections to the capability approach. [2] Createquity isRead More