Liveblogging the Yale SOM Arts & Culture Conference

Hello everyone, I’m experimenting with a new format today: liveblogging! I’m here in room A60 at the Yale School of Management where the Arts & Culture Club is holding its first ever “Issues in the Arts” conference. The first panel is moderated by Assistant to the Provost at Yale University Jack Meyers and tackles theRead More

Room for Creativity in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend Room for Creativity: A Community Roundtable on Real Estate Strategies in the Arts (pdf). The event was co-produced by the very smart people at Center for Performance Research (CPR) and Fractured Atlas, and took place at a new gallery space called Greenbelt. Greenbelt itself is something ofRead More

Another smorgasbord for today

Another smorgasbord for today: My classes for this term are as follows: the core Integrated Leadership Perspective, SOM’s flagship class that takes all of the previous perspectives and jumbles them up into a potent stew; Strategic Management of Nonprofit Organizations, continuing on from earlier in the semester; Managing Organizational Politics, an extremely popular elective focusingRead More

Thoughts on Effective Philanthropy: Part VI – The Philanthropist as Speculator, Not Gatekeeper

For this sixth and final post in this series, I’m going to wax philosophical for a bit here and talk about values. Everybody knows that philanthropy in the nonprofit sector, and the arts in particular, is a big deal. Leaders of most nonprofit organizations spend the bulk of their professional lives worrying about where (figurativelyRead More


My apologies for the dearth of updates recently. I’ve been busy hunting after internship interviews and donations for the 2008 SOM Internship Fund Auction, while finishing up classes for the third of eight half-semester sessions at Yale. Instead of a single long post this time, I’ll go with a Daily Kos-style “open thread” with anRead More

Thoughts on Effective Philanthropy: Part V – Meeting the Artists Where They Are

To view the rest of this series, click here. One of the memes that’s been coming out of the “best practices” camp for philanthropists the last few years is that organizations need more general operating support, rather than the project support that many funding entities are accustomed to providing. The advantage of general operating supportRead More


Though some days it may not seem that way, I still remain a practicing musician. Next Sunday, the 24th, I will make my debut with the Yale Recital Chorus in a performance of Nicholas Flagello‘s little-known work The Passion of Martin Luther King for chorus and orchestra, directed by Yale School of Music MMA candidateRead More