Createquity is looking for three ambitious, talented, and experienced individuals to lead the next phase of our work to build a healthy arts ecosystem through the power of evidence. Having just completed a planning process supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Createquity has identified a need for strong and capable managers to supervise our growing editorial team and network of associates.

Each of these part-time, remotely based roles is a key member of the Createquity brain trust, working closely with founder and CEO Ian David Moss and taking part in all of our research discussions, debates, and major decisions. We are currently recruiting leaders for our teams in research, editorial, and operations.

  • Research Team Leader. Our research team shapes our inquiries about what drives a healthy arts ecosystem. As the team leader, you will be tasked with supervising our rigorous research synthesis investigations that advance our knowledge about the most important issues in the arts.
  • Managing Editor. Make sure that our work captures our readers’ imaginations by authoring and editing pieces by a stellar team of writers. This is a highly creative role tasked with bringing research and insights to life for our audience and the field at large.
  • Operations Director. Be the detail-driven organizer and master strategist who can ensure our work is moving in the right direction. As the Operations Director, you will play a crucial behind-the-scenes role enabling the growth and smooth operation of this fledgling organization.

Why Apply?

This is a rare opportunity to be part of an ambitious, long-term effort to improve outcomes for everyone involved in or affected by the arts. Benefits of participation include:

  • The intellectual challenge of identifying and tackling the thorniest questions facing the sector today
  • The opportunity to collaborate with an extraordinarily capable, collegial team from across the United States and beyond
  • The satisfaction of participating in an active community of changemakers and knowing that your efforts have genuine potential for impact
  • Access to an international audience of arts sector leaders and influencers

How it Works

We’re looking for candidates who are passionate about our core mission to make the the world a better place by better understanding the arts, and who can bring an entrepreneurial attitude and strategic approach to managing our team on a range of projects. On average, you’ll contribute approximately 6-8 hours per week to responsibilities directly related to your team’s area. You will collaborate with other editorial team members on most projects and participate in both full team and committee-based conference calls. We are a virtual organization with team members in multiple timezones, so you must be comfortable working remotely.

Our standard recruitment process has three phases. The first step involves submitting a brief application that will help us determine whether your skills and interests align with our needs. From there, a small number of finalists will complete an assignment designed to simulate the types of activities you would be responsible for as a Createquity editorial team member, along with one or more video interviews. Once that hurdle is passed, new editorial recruits join the team provisionally for an approximately three-month trial or “dating period” that gives both you and us an opportunity to find out if we work well together. If all goes well, you’ll officially join the team in fall 2016 and we’ll publicly announce your participation then.

Getting Started

Please see the full descriptions for each role (linked above) for detailed application requirements and procedures.

Thank you for your interest, and good luck!

Cover image: “Leaders” by thinkpublic via Flickr