Arts nerds,

Last week, we launched the new to rave reviews, with an article introducing the new site to longtime readers, our definition of a healthy arts ecosystem, four months’ worth of our Newsroom article roundups, and a Research Spotlight article highlighting the benefits of a museum field trip all packed into one gargantuan email. It was a lot to take in all at once, so amidst everything else we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss the fact that we’ve issued an open invitation to join the Createquity editorial team, with applications due this Friday.

We’re looking for smart, collegial, reliable partners with a range of talents, skills and domain expertise to help us achieve our vision. This is the first time we’ve ever opened up editorial team membership to people we haven’t worked with previously, and it’s an amazing opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an ambitious effort to improve outcomes in the arts. The time commitment is roughly 3-5 hours a week (on the heavier side of that to start with), and you’ll have opportunities to help out with everything from our core research process to feature articles to our fledgling back-end business operations. Also for the first time, this is no longer a strictly volunteer gig: we are offering modest honoraria to editorial team members, with the hope of growing the compensation to more substantial heights in the future.

If this sounds like it could work for you, I strongly encourage you to read the full announcement and submit a first-round application. We’re looking to bring at least two and conceivably up to four or five people on board in this round, so if you’re not planning to apply, or even if you are, please consider spreading the word to colleagues who might be a good fit. We welcome applications from all ages, industries, sectors, and countries, and we particularly encourage applications from candidates of color.

And don’t forget, there are other ways you can get involved in our work as well. First, if the idea of participating in our research process sounds exciting but you can’t commit 3-5 hours a week, a more casual option is to follow Createquity Insider. This is the portion of the site where we’ll be publishing interim findings, details about our research investigations, and discussion questions about the theoretical grounding for our work. We welcome comments and feedback to those articles, as they offer a great way to influence our thinking while it’s still in formation.

We’re also incredibly grateful for efforts to spread the word about the site. Our new orientation enables us to reach a much wider audience than before, and it’s no exaggeration to say that we want everyone who cares about the arts to be reading Createquity. And if you believe in our vision and want to support those honoraria rising to more respectable levels, we invite you to support us by making a recurring or one-time donation.

That’s it – thank you for all you do for the arts, and for Createquity!