NOTE: At the present time, we are not actively reviewing applications to join the editorial team. Any applications received will be set aside and considered during the next recruitment cycle. Thank you. -IDM

We are looking for a few sharp thinkers with the time, energy, and smarts to join our editorial team. You’ll become a (modestly) paid member of the Createquity brain trust, taking part in all of our research discussions, debates, and major decisions. We’re not just a great blog, but a virtual organization with communications, business development, graphic design, and human resources needs. Therefore, we’re looking for candidates who are passionate about research and writing as well as people who have the capacity and skill to participate in other areas — all in support of our core mission to make the arts ecosystem work better for artists and audiences.

Why apply?

This is a rare opportunity to be at the center of a broad and ambitious effort to improve outcomes for everyone involved in or affected by the arts. Benefits of participation include:

  • The intellectual challenge of identifying and tackling the thorniest questions facing the sector today
  • The opportunity to collaborate with an extraordinarily capable, collegial team from around the United States
  • The satisfaction of participating in an active community of changemakers and knowing that your efforts have genuine potential for impact
  • Access to an international audience of arts sector leaders and influencers

How it works

Our standard recruitment process has three phases. The first step involves submitting an application (details below) that will help us determine whether your skills and interests align with our current needs. From there, a small number of finalists will receive an assignment designed to simulate a typical week as a Createquity editorial team member. Once that hurdle is passed, new editorial recruits will join the team provisionally for an approximately three-month trial or “dating period” that gives both you and us an opportunity to find out if we work well together. During these months, you will collaborate with the rest of the Createquity team on projects that range from research and writing to social media and business development. If all goes well, you’ll officially join the team in early 2015 and we’ll publicly announce your participation then.

What to expect

The three-month “dating period” is intended to prepare you to become a productive and valued member of the Createquity editorial team. On average, you’ll contribute approximately five hours per week to two or three projects that may include co-authoring feature articles, curating items and writing summaries for our Newsroom and Research Spotlight series, conducting literature reviews on existing research pertaining to our arts ecosystem definition, and helping refine and execute our long-term business plan. (This commitment includes “learning curve time” and is expected to get lighter once the trial period is over.) We will aim to assign you projects that are most in line with your interests and skills, and there will be opportunities to rotate projects either during the trial or beyond. You will collaborate with one or two other editorial team members on each project and participate in our bi-weekly conference calls.

We are a virtual operation with team members on both coasts, so you must be comfortable working remotely. Currently, we offer a small honorarium in recognition of your time, with potential for growth in the future.

Who we’re looking for

Being a part of Createquity is incredibly rewarding, but can involve hard work, difficult decisions, and occasional controversy; we don’t expect it to be right for everyone! We are looking for people who bring all of the following qualities to the table:

  • Commitment to improving the arts ecosystem through research-backed solutions;
  • A penchant for asking and answering big questions, and analyzing ideas at a high level;
  • An entrepreneurial, proactive attitude and willingness to take ownership of projects;
  • Collegiality, strong communication skills, open-mindedness, and willingness to be challenged;
  • Familiarity with a wide array of arts disciplines and types of organizations;
  • Reliability and high work standards;
  • Curiosity and interest in finding connections between the arts and other fields.

Beyond these required traits, we’re also seeking people who have strong skills in one or more of the following areas:

  • Writing
  • Research, especially literature review
  • Domain expertise in one or more of our current research focus areas
  • Graphic design/multimedia
  • Web design/light programming
  • Social media/digital strategy
  • Fundraising/business development

How to apply

The first round application, which includes more detail on our open project areas, is available here. You’ll be asked to indicate your areas of interest and answer some questions about yourself. After a short review period (about 1-2 weeks), a Createquity editorial team member will contact you about next steps. Good luck!

  • Linda Rogers

    I note that you comment elsewhere that your publication of articles have been sporadic but, here, you are not accepting applications for more members of the editorial team. As an experienced arts professional who previously put an application forward and wasn’t accepted, the juxtaposition of these two announcements from your publication can’t help but be off-putting.