We’re feeling the love from two new arts luminaries today: Diane Ragsdale, provocateur and fellow blogger at Jumper, and Nina Simon, Executive Director at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, have thrown their support behind our Indiegogo campaign. Diane offers some inspiring words of support in the video below, and Nina has given us a new campaign perk to offer: signed copies of her thought-provoking book, The Participatory Museum. We only have two copies to give away, and Nina doesn’t sign books very often, so we’re asking for $100 donations for these. Get ’em while you can!

We’re excited to have passed the $5,000 mark in the campaign, putting us more than 50% of the way to our goal. It’s been utterly humbling to see how many of you think this project deserves your hard-earned dollars. To everyone who has donated or shared the campaign with others, we can’t thank you enough. For those of you just tuning in or still on the fence, we hope Diane and Nina can help convince you. If you value Createquity as a resource and feel that the site is worthy of a financial contribution, there’s never going to be a better time to donate.

If you’re reading this via email, you can check out Diane’s video here.