Hey there. I have something I want to say to you. Yes, you!

I’ve been writing/editing/publishing/thinking about Createquity for almost six years now, along with, for the past two and a half of those years, the help of a select group of Writing Fellows and guest posters. Together, we’ve collectively devoted about 5,000 hours (almost all of those uncompensated!) to bringing you high quality content each week–all without advertisements, fees, or other interruptions. Seriously, I counted.

With the editorial team expanding for the first time, we’re looking at some big changes in store for Createquity in the months to come. And we want you, dear reader, to help us make sure we’re heading in the right direction. So if this site has brought you insight, helped you stay informed, questioned your assumptions, inspired new thinking, or otherwise improved your life in any way large or small since you started reading it, here’s your chance to give back. All I’m asking for is 10 minutes of your time and your honest opinions. Yes, I’m asking you to fill out a reader survey.

I did one of these once before, and I learned a lot. One quick methodological note for anyone following along at home: a survey like this won’t reach a random sample, but in this case that’s okay, because those of you who are most likely to fill it out – i.e., those of you who really care about Createquity – are exactly the people I want to hear from most! That said, the more readers who do share their feedback, the more robust my conclusions will be, so I hope you will not only take the time to fill it out but encourage any of your friends or colleagues who are Createquity readers to do so as well.

Thank you, in advance, for contributing your thoughts. And thank you for reading Createquity!

  • Rachel May

    I’m a sucker for a survey so I completed it! I had a comment/suggestion for you that didn’t really fit anywhere in the survey though. As the content of Createquity has expanded, have you considered having some of the longer articles as “click through” to read the article in its entirety? When I’m catching up, skipping around or attempting to return to articles I’ve read, some of the longer articles make that really cumbersome, though the content is always great! I know some people hate clicking through on blogs, but with articles that are so long, something to think about!