I know, I know: you’ve been reading Createquity for a while now and you’ve been thinking, “is that the best you’ve got? I could write better blog posts in my sleep!” Well, hot shot, this is your chance to show us how it’s done! The Createquity Writing Fellowship was designed to continually bring new voices into national and international conversations about the future of the arts. The Fellowship is a serious commitment and not for everyone, but in exchange for your hard work and high standards, you can expect to receive mentorship, research assistance, and guidance on your writing from our crackerjack editorial team, not to mention exposure to a vast and highly engaged audience. Think of it as your very own graduate practicum in arts policy. So far we’ve introduced eleven bright, fresh-faced writers to the world. Will you be the next? All the details and instructions you need are over at the Createquity Writing Fellowship page. Applications are due July 19. Please spread the word far and wide, and we look forward to reading your submissions!

  • I’m pretty sure I’ve never said “I could write better blog posts in my sleep!” or anything remotely close! Congrats to the departing fellows, and all the best as you identify the next great group. Keep up the good work!

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