Normally I only have one Cool Jobs posting each month, but I’m invoking Editor’s Prerogative and breaking my own rule today because we’re hiring a Summer Research Fellow at Fractured Atlas and the deadline is less than two weeks away. And since I’m doing that anyway, I let a few other cool jobs of recent vintage come along for the ride. Enjoy!

Research Fellow, Fractured Atlas

Does Big Data give you big chills? Do you have long conversations with family members about hypothesis testing? Are you considering getting a causation vs. correlation tattoo? Then you might be just the kind of nerd we’re looking for. Fractured Atlas is accepting applications for a Summer 2013 Research Fellowship. We’re seeking individuals with a background or interest in the arts who are prepared to bring hard-nosed quantitative analysis skills to creative and strategic challenges in our field.

Deadline: May 6.

Intrinsic Impact Program Manager, WolfBrown

The Intrinsic Impact Program Manager is a new full-time position that will oversee the national rollout of WolfBrown’s Intrinsic Impact product line. This is both a sales and client service position, with a focus on marketing and sales to arts organizations who wish to license and use WolfBrown’s proprietary impact assessment tools. The position will report to Alan Brown, principal of WolfBrown, and will collaborate daily with other WolfBrown staff in a highly integrated work environment. Preferred candidates must be able to relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area, although we will consider alternative situations for extraordinarily qualified applicants. This is a highly entrepreneurial position for a gregarious, early-career individual with a track record of successful marketing and communications work.

Deadline: May 13. This is the slickest job announcement I’ve ever seen – it has its own microsite!

Program Director, Carmago Foundation

The Camargo Foundation, a private, tax-exempt operating foundation chartered in the United States and operating in Cassis, France, seeks a full-time Program Director. Founded in 1969 by artist and philanthropist Jerome Hill (1905-1972), The Camargo Foundation operates a residential and cultural center in Cassis, France, to advance the work of scholars and artists from around the world.  The Foundation supports a residency program for scholars in the humanities and social sciences working on projects related to French and francophone cultures and for artists creating innovative work in all disciplines.  It also welcomes group residencies, seminars, conferences, workshops, and festivals.  The Foundation provides contemplative and interactive time and space for residents and visitors. The Program Director of the Camargo Foundation is responsible for managing the program of the Foundation to fulfill its mission, current and evolving.  The Program Director works with the Administrative Manager and other staff, handles administrative duties, and reports to the President of the Camargo and Jerome Foundations.

Deadline: May 15.

General Manager, Stonehenge

For the first time in its 5,000-year history, the owners of Stonehenge are seeking a general manager, whose responsibilities will include liaising with Druid leaders and maintaining the “dignity of the stones”. Only the “brightest and the best” need apply for the £65,000-a-year job to manage the famous attraction, which draws Druids and daytrippers to the prehistoric monument each year.

Deadline: May 5. Yeah, it’s a little outside the Createquity wheelhouse, but c’mon, it’s Stonehenge!