I’m actually on vacation at the moment, but am quickly interrupting it to note that Createquity has been, like, a thing for three whole years today. It’s been a serious thing for two years, and it’s kind of taken on a life of its own in the past year, to an extent that I frequently find kind of scary. I remember having a conversation with Tactical Philanthropy founder Sean Stannard-Stockton in early 2009 during which I told him that if I could get Createquity to a stable subscriber base of, say, 100-150, I’d be very happy – because I simply couldn’t imagine that more people than that had enough interest in arts policy to commit to getting updates about it in their inboxes or feed readers. Well, as of today this blog has 851 subscribers, and you all seem incredibly interested in this most esoteric of subjects.

This past year hasn’t seen a ton of changes for the blog itself, but during that time my own life has changed dramatically, with a new job, a return to New York, and more direct involvement in the issues I’m writing about at the top of the list. More on that evolution in a future post (after vacation’s over). In the meantime, thank you for your support and remember to vote on November 2!

  • Congrats, Ian! I hope to make it as far as you have someday. Your success is certainly inspiring. Keep up the great writing and analysis.