My employer, Fractured Atlas, is hiring cultural and technology research interns.

We’re looking for a few individuals with a background or interest in the arts who are prepared to merge for-profit business acumen with non-profit ideals.  These interns will work under the guidance of the senior staff to craft comprehensive business plans and software development functional specification documents that include financial projections, marketing strategies, growth targets, and service portfolio changes.

From the job description:

Fractured Atlas is seeking interns to help produce business plans for several of our programs and technology initiatives. Interns will work in teams and be assigned to a single program or initiative (e.g. open-source software, cultural asset mapping, healthcare, fiscal sponsorship, etc.)…Since you will be called upon to craft a holistic plan, you should be comfortable with, at the very least: business-level strategy, corporate finance/budgeting, project management and marketing. These positions will require stellar interviewing skills, a knack for researching, the ability to make connections between seemingly unrelated things, and a talent for breaking complex concepts into easy-to-understand language…The position also requires a high degree of professionalism and poise, as interns will be interviewing high-level
“movers-and-shakers” in the cultural and technology sector.
Full application details are available at the above link.