Whew! That’s a little better – things seem to be quieting down to normal after a frenetic first part of the week. I’m also happy to see that people are using the Createquity Tipster form now. Just a reminder – in case you haven’t been following for that long, I rarely write about actual arts events here (like concerts, plays, etc.), so if you submit press releases for them they probably will get deleted. I know, it sucks, but that’s not really what this blog is about so I have to draw the line somewhere.

Anyway, here’s some other stuff you might find interesting:

  • Judith Dobrzynski reports on a Nonprofit Finance Fund survey of, uh, nonprofits’ finances, and helpfully obtains the arts-specific numbers. A big theme? Nonprofits leaders want to engage their boards more fully and need help doing so.
  • The Art Works blog has an interview with the NEA’s new Design Director, Jason Schupbach.
  • Looks like the next big state arts funding battle will be fought in Georgia, where the House of Representatives has passed a budget that would eliminate the Georgia Council on the Arts.
  • The Vermont Supreme Court is investigating whether artist residency centers need to pay property tax. [h/t Jill Leininger]
  • This event looks pretty cool: a talk with Leslie Koch about Governor’s Island, “New York City’s New Playground for the Arts.”
  • Condescending headline aside, this article offers a good wrap-up of Arts Advocacy Day on the Hill.
  • Creative Roanoke? Meet Create Denver.
  • The second issue of an online magazine called The Arts Politic has been released. This issue’s theme is “Bias” and features an article by 20UNDER40’s Edward Clapp.
  • TechSoup Global and Guidestar International (not the US-based GuideStar, but related) to merge.
  • Marc van Bree writes on the future of arts marketing for Take a Friend to the Orchestra month.
  • Nice visualization of composers’ influences and teachers from the UK.
  • Lady Gaga continues to take over the world. [h/t Richard]
  • I am also interviewed in “The Arts Politic”. It’s a great publication! Worth the $7.

  • Thanks for the shout out Ian. A shame I didn’t know about your blog earlier. I’ll have to play catch up!