I’m always amused when people figure out they’ve been mentioned in New Blogs! and take the time to respond. To be honest, I didn’t really think that Createquity would ever have enough readers for anyone to care, but as the subscriber count over there on the right slowly inches toward 500 (thanks for rescuing my old blog from purgatory, Google!), I guess maybe it actually kind of matters now. Hey, always happy to spread the love!

Art Works
The National Endowment for the Arts, kind of amazingly, has a blog. Launched in conjunction with Chairman Rocco Landesman’s national listening tour to mark the NEA’s new slogan and philosophy (“Art Works,” naturally), the blog’s first post, a reprint of the Chairman’s closing keynote speech at the Grantmakers in the Arts Conference last month in Brooklyn, NY, drew some 83 comments, many from conservative onlookers with a bone to pick against the agency. Since then, activity from the peanut gallery has quieted down considerably, but the blog marches on with video and stories from the tour’s opening visit to Peoria, IL.

Give and Take
I’ve had the Chronicle of Philanthropy‘s news feeds on the blogroll for some time now, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized these didn’t include Give and Take, the Chronicle‘s daily round-up of posts and stories from the philanthropy blogosphere. Give and Take also occasionally features longer stories from the likes of Peter Panepento and Ian Wilhelm that deal with a specific piece.

The Intrepid Philanthropist
The Intrepid Philanthropist is a (really) new blog from the Center for Strategic Philanthropy & Civil Society at Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy. It officially launched on September 11, but has just started to get serious attention from the philanthropy world this week, just in time for an absolutely blockbuster series of posts from the Center for Effective Philanthropy’s Phil Buchanan that will certainly be mentioned in this week’s around the horn. Intrepid Philanthropist is a group exercise featuring an all-star cast of bloggers including Buchanan, Joel Fleishman, Paul C. Light, and Edward Skloot. One to watch for sure.

Unquiet Thoughts
Our friend Alex Ross, who used to blog over at The Rest Is Noise, has packed up and pitched his tent anew at the New Yorker website, where he has been publishing insightful long-form commentary for a decade or so. The new blog is called Unquiet Thoughts, and is just as lively and stylish as TRIN ever was. It’s great to have Ross back in full blogging form.

  • Thanks for the shout-out to the Intrepid Philanthropist, Ian. As you say, we’re just getting started, but we hope to make an important contribution to the discussion around foundations and nonprofits.