Here’s a spooky Halloween edition of new blogs for you to check out:

Arts Admin
It doesn’t sport the most earth-shattering name ever dreamed up, but Michael Rushton’s blog is a great find. It’s extremely active, typically with several posts a day, and many of those are quite substantive in scope. Rushton is the director of the Arts Administration program at Indiana University and regularly mines events at school for blog content.

Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy
Philadelphia’s “Culture Czar,” Gary Steuer, used to work for Americans for the Arts before he got lured away to be the head of Philly’s Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy. His blog, which is quite new, has quickly established itself as a consistently fascinating source for creative economy talk, often featuring information that is unavailable or hard to find anywhere else.

Chris Ashworth
Chris Ashworth is a theater artist and computer programmer who has a fun and creative blog on arts marketing and related topics. A few of his recent notable posts include this proposal for a new business model in theater, and this somewhat controversial piece on public funding and the arts (which features a shout-out for Createquity’s Arts Policy Library write-up of Gifts of the Muse).

Judd Greenstein
Composer, record label proprietor, and all-around great guy Judd Greenstein has a section of his website devoted to funny, cogent, and often quite lengthy essays about music, politics, and what it all means. I don’t usually link to sites that aren’t “blogs” in the strict sense, but Judd’s “why?” page is basically a blog without the RSS feed, and so I encourage you to check it out (and to listen to his music, which is great).