This blog has a lot of new subscribers who have joined us in the past few months (actually, since February the readership has grown by a factor of 12), and it occurred to me that many folks may not realize that my interest in arts policy and arts management stems, more than anything else, from my experiences as a semi-professional composer and leader of two performing ensembles from about 2003 to 2007. I thought it might be fun to throw up some clips of music for you to listen to every once in a while, in case you’re interested in what I was spending my time on before I decided to become a policy geek.

Our inaugural flashback track is the first off of the debut album for my experimental rock/jazz/minimalist/metal band, Capital M, which came out in 2005. It’s called “Reinventing the Wheel” and its composition followed a month of pretty intensive study of the score to Steve Reich’s masterpiece Music for 18 Musicians. Throw on some headphones and have a listen!

  • Hey – I’ve been following this blog for a few months now and had no idea it as written by one of the guys in that gig I saw at Tonic right before it closed. Sometimes this whole arts world thing seems like a really really small world. Loved the gig, and really excited to see how this blog is becoming an awesome clearinghouse for good information. Thanks